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Grandparents Day Celebrations Galore

Today we celebrated the Grandparents of Francis Street School who play such important parts in making the boys in the school the kind, positive and hardworking boys they are.

Each class had something different in store for the visiting grandparents. Some were treated to songs and poems penned especially for the day and others were treated to buns baked especially by the boys. Many of the classes enjoyed quizzing the grandparents on life 'when they were growing up' while others were taking part in online quizzes!

One boy found out that his grandparents had met in the very 'Benos' that him and his mates still visit today! A few grandads were returning 'Franner Boys' making their visits even more special while Bobby's grandad returned to the very class he had once sat in to share stories with the 'Franner Boys' of 2020. While some grandparents had to visit two rooms to keep all sides happy we all spared a thought for the grandmother who had three classes to visit!

With stories, good times and cups of tea shared we said goodbye for today and look forward to all meeting this way again.

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