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Our Staff

In Francis Street School we place huge importance on positive relationships with the students we teach, with their families and with the wider community. This is all made possible by our skilled and caring staff.

Our Teachers & SNAs




Conor is the school's principal and has worked in Francis Street for many years. Conor has a love for sport and has passed this to passion on to a great many students during his time here.



Deputy Principal

Avril is the school's Deputy Principal as well as a member of the special education team this year. Avril is heavily involved in  the Erasmus+ programme for our school and beyond. 



Junior Infants

Cathy has the joy and privilege of teaching our first every group of junior infants this year, and she loves it. Cathy is also an interested musician, enjoying singing, playing the guitar and organising choirs for special occasions..



AS Class Teacher

Jordana is a talented linguist as well as a talented and committed teacher. Jordana's kindness is shared with staff as well as students as she has special responsibilities for staff well-being and organises regular events to attend to this important work.




Lorraine brings a deep knowledge and understanding of the students of Francis Street School to her work having had a son who attended the school herself. Lorraine loves nothing more than working on projects of her first love, art.

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ASD Class Teacher

Maebh possesses a special care for the wonderful group of students she teaches and loves bringing their talents to the fore. Maebh herself is a talented musician and singer, a talent she shares with her students with ease.

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Orlagh has joined the Franner Team this year, but it feels like she has been here forever. Orlagh loves to be involved in everything that is going on in the school and with the boys & girls. Orlagh is also a talented artist and collaborated with Molly to create an amazing mural on our yard.



SET Teacher

Sarah is one of our SET teachers and loves the outdoors. Sarah has a great spirit and enthusiasm for teaching which makes her the perfect person to organise the 'Franner Fun Day' each June where students and staff alike share a day of fun in the sunshine.



5th Class Teacher

 Shane is teaching one of our two 6th classes and especially enjoys teaching maths and science. Shane is a proud, and long-suffering, Mayo fan who dreams of that elusive Sam Maguire. 

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Aileen will be in the role of HSCL from this year. Aileen has endless energy and looks forward to working closely with parents and families. She has interests in Science and ICT as well as film-making.



Senior Infants 

Caitlin is our senior infants teacher. Caitlin is a new member of our team. She is from Wexford and is a very talented hip hop dancer!



6th Class Teacher

David brings his wide interests in sport, music and performance to his teaching in Francis Street School. He is deeply passionate about the work his does and this is reflected in the dedication he shows to the students he teaches.

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SET Teacher

As well as being a fabulous 4th class teacher, Julie heads the work of Green Schools and environmental awareness across the entire school. This work has been rewarded with the achievement of a third Green Flag.



4th Class Teacher

Maureen is taking care of our 2nd class students this year. Maureen also runs the after-school club. Maureen has a great grá for Gaeilge and shares this with the entire school community agus spreagann sí muid go léir.



SET Teacher

Niamh teaches is our SET Teacher for 2nd/3rd class and loves every minute she spends working with the boys and her colleagues. In her spare time, Niamh enjoys spending time with her family and swimming in the sea.



SET Teacher 

Pól will work as part of the school's SET team this year. Pól is a talented musician and music teacher. His talent mixed with his deep sense of care has helped students grow in confidence through musical performance. He also loves spending time with his dog Roman!


Sarah H


Sarah works in our Senior Infants class. She is so kind and would do anything for her boys. She even makes homemade Playdough every morning for her class!!



4th Class Teacher

Sharon is our 4th class teacher this year. Sharon enjoys teaching Maths and SESE. She also has interests in Music. Sharon also has particular skills in the area of ICT and counts hiking as one of her favorite things to do. 



SET Teacher

This is Anne’s 17th year teaching in Francis Street School and she still enjoys working here as just as much as the day she started. Anne loves reading in her spare time and is passionate about instilling a love of books and reading in her students.  



School Secretary

Catherine has been the school secretary in Francis St School for the last 24 years.  Both of her sons have attended Franner as did her brother. Catherine loves reading, going for walks and her family are her world.




Esther lists literature and the arts among her loves. She also loves her work in Francis Street School, enjoying the special care her position allows her to share with the students.

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Lee is a committed sportsman and  a fitness enthusiast. His positive attitude and sportsmanship are shining examples to the boys of Francis Street School.



3rd Class Teacher

Molly has taken over the role of HSCL this year where her care and respect for each and every student and each and every family is evident in all she does. Molly also has a deep love and respect for the Irish language and culture.




Nicola seems to possess endless levels of energy in her work whether it is working to support students or playing yard-games at break-time. Nicola includes volunteering with the Scouts among her pastimes which her kind and giving nature.  


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Rosaleen works in one of our ASD classes. She loves the boys dearly...and they love her. Rosaleen is a local scout leader and is a very active in community worker in her area.



Steven Masterson


Steven works in our AS class. He has worked in Franner for 5 years now. He is a very talented drama and music teacher. Steven conducts our school choir.



2nd Class Teacher

Aisling is from County Down works with our two 6th classes. She is passionate about wellbeing and teaches yoga to the children in our school.

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