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Our Clubs

After school clubs run at different times during the year and include the following: 


Every child in our school learns how to play chess. The children in the senior classes teach the children in 6th class.

Skills are developed through our in-house competitions, free-play on yard and in our after-school chess club.

Our school team represent the school in local, provincial and national competitions throughout the school year.


We have a fully trained children’s yoga instructor on our staff who takes groups for yoga sessions. We also run family yoga classes where family members can join their son in yoga classes provided by the school.

Yoga can benefit your sleep, give you increased energy levels and muscle tone, improved circulation and overall better general health.

Lego Club

Lego plays a huge role in the development of fine motor skills, problem solving techniques, mathematical thinking and planning skills as well as promoting teamwork and creativity. Our lego club focuses on developing these skills and our pupils love being part of the club and letting their creativity shine.

Guitar Club

We have an after school guitar club that caters for a wide range of ages and ability. These boys play at assemblies and feature in our End of Year Ceremony.

School Band: The Franners

The Franners are a group that consists of a drummer, a guitarist, a keyboard player and several vocalists who are chosen through audition from pupils in the school. They have been lucky this year to have been trained by Kieran McGuinnesss from BIMM and the Delorentos and they showcased their talents at our end of year ceremony. 

School Choir

Pupils are always really enthusiastic about taking part in the school choir and they regularly perform during assemblies and school events. During the Christmas period they can be found entertaining everyone with carols on Thomas St., Meath St. and the offices of our friends in A&L Goodbody. 

Technology Club

We recognise the importance of digital literacy as we strive to become 21st Century learners. Our technology club promotes proficiency in general IT skills, coding, scratch, Photostory making and much more. 

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